Kategorie Vortrag
Titel VORTRAG: Chiara Lasagni "The Epigraphic Landscape of Athens"
Termine Dienstag, 28.03.2023 11–13 Uhr s.t.
Ort Marstallhof 4, Hörsaal 513

Dr. Chiara Lasagni, assistant professor of Greek History at the University of Turin, will present to us her digital humanities project, The Epigraphic Landscape of Athens. This project explores the relationship between public inscriptions and public spaces in ancient Athens and makes epigraphic and topographical data accessible through the open access ELA database (www.epigraphiclandscape.unito.it).  

In the first part of this informal workshop, Professor Lasagni will speak about epigraphic communication, the topographical analysis of inscriptions, the evolution of the epigraphic landscape of Athens, and the importance of the choice of display location (through an analysis of publication clauses). After a short break, she will then present examples from the ELA database for discussion of the criteria used to design the entries and the main features of interest to others working on digital epigraphy.

After the workshop ends, everyone is welcome to join us for lunch at a restaurant in order to continue our discussions with Prof. Lasagni.