Kategorie Workshop
Titel WORKSHOP: The cuneiform archives of ancient Sippar: tablets as a material basis of knowledge transfer
Termine Mittwoch, 26.04.2023
Freitag, 28.04.2023
Ort Geschäftsstelle, Projektraum
  • SFB933_B01_2023_04_Workshop
  • The tablets to be discussed during the workshop belong to the Cuneiform Archives of the Ancient Orient Museum, one of the three museums that constitute the Istanbul Archaeology Museums, founded in the late nineteenth century. The majority of the artifacts in the Istanbul cuneiform collection derive from excavations that took place in Ottoman territories between 1884 and 1925.

    1049 cuneiform tablets and fragments are listed in the Istanbul Sippar inventory. Old Babylonian and Neo-Babylonian tablets in Akkadian and Sumerian, with many different text genres, are represented. Only a limited number of the tablets have been published. An up-to-date catalogue is currently being prepared by the Istanbul Sippar Project, initiated in 2018 and carried out by a collaborative team from the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, Bilkent University and Social Sciences University of Ankara. Selim Ferruh Adalı (Social Sciences University of Ankara), who is part of the team, will present for and instruct during the workshop.

    Dozent: Dr. Selim Ferruh Adalı (Social Sciences University of Ankara)

    SFB 933 B01 "Materialisierung gedanklicher Ordnung ‒ Darstellungsformen von Gelehrtenwissen auf Tontafeln"
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